Hello, I'mMelih Selamet

photo of me

I am a third year Web Design & Mobile student at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Belgium. My goal is to learn and expand my knowledge while giving to users the best possible interactive sites. I'm currently looking for an internship therefore if you are interested you can see my projects below !

Contact me : melih.selamet97@gmail.com

My projects

  • Oripick | TFA
    My last project of my second year. Trying to help students in their orientation. You can see the project here !
  • Genetichien
    Take a look at the family tree of your favorite dog. We used JSON to make this project. Come and see it just here.
  • Iolce
    The grip of technology and human decadence. Right here.
  • RUX
    Rethinking User Experience. Make the user experience better than ever. Here's my propositions.
  • vCard
    Here's my first project in web design... But it changed with time. You're already on the vCard !
  • Coming Soon
    What's coming next ? Wait & See !